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Vision, Mission, Werte

What We Stand for at CNP CYCLES

Our Philosophy

"watering life"

Water is life. It is essential for health and hygiene and the core of growth and development. But it is becoming scarce. Thus, wastewater is increasingly treated as a valuable resource that can provide energy, nutrients and water for reuse.

The guiding principle for our innovative process technologies is to close cycles in the water sector and work towards a circular economy.

Our Vision

"To create a world in which every country builds energy and resource efficient wastewater treatment plants."

Our Mission

"To become a key player on the market for energy reduction and nutrient recovery on municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants."

Our Values


"We are commited to ensuring the mental and physical well-being and health of our employees and business partners. Everyone is equally important, no matter their occupation, gender, or nationality, etc."


"We are constantly improving and innovating how we work."


"We do what we love, and we love what we do. This is the way we approach partners, projects, and problems."



                                                                CNP CYCLES. We close cycles.