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Operational support

Service for the optimization of wastewater treatment plants

With our operational support, we offer you a valuable service for active participation in the optimization of plant operation.

After commissioning, the plant or the process is initially well adjusted, but in the further course it requires further, sometimes more intensive support, which often cannot be provided by the local operating personnel for various reasons. This may be due, for example, to a lack of experience with the new system or to staffing levels that are too thin.

The Task

Most control systems allow reading rights to be set up for third parties, in this case for our technicians and engineers, via online remote access. This allows us to monitor plant operation and identify irregularities and potential for optimization.

The dynamics of day-to-day operations always produce operating situations that need to be managed individually and do not always allow sufficient time for the necessary attention to be paid to a new system. Especially during the initial phase, when it is often still necessary to check settings and observe their effects on the rest of the system, we can provide support by telephone or actively on site.

In this phase, we will be happy to accompany you with a service contract suitable for you for remotely monitore.


Our operational support as a service means the following advantages for you as a plant operator:

  • Professional, technical support after commissioning
  • Optimization of settings during further plant operation
  • Remote consultation and active support on site
  • Recognition of irregularities
  • Impact on the rest of the plant or subsequent process stages


Right to read the operating data for the new plant section or the entire plant.

The scope of our service offer can be individually compiled from our service catalog and aligned to the needs of the operating personnel. Thus, the remotely monitored operational support can also be optionally supplemented by operational work on site at the plant.