Order for a phosphorus recovery plant

CNP CYCLES receives and order from the City Sewerage Göppingen

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Since October 2017, the law in Germany (AbfKlärV) is shifting wastewater treatment in a different direction and it requires sewage treatment plants to recover phosphorus from sewage sludge, if there is no other means of recovery at plants with more than 50.000 PE.

So far, the patented AirPrex® process has not been used primarily for P-recovery but has contributed to the optimization of sewage sludge treatment. Further developments of the AirPrex® process also in combination with other processes will now be in accordance with the requirements of the new directive AbfKlärV.

An operational optimization on the STP Göppingen has already taken place as far as possible; Now, however, one more step is required to fulfil the AbfKlärV. The sewage sludge of the STP Göppingen is with a phosphorus content of 25 g/kg DS (2.5% P in the sludge) just above the limit of 20 g/kg DS (or 2% P in the sludge).

Therefore, an AirPrex® P-recovery system will be installed at STP Göppingen. In combination with the PONDUS® TCHP (Thermal Chemical Hydrolysis Process) before digestion and a slight acidification of the digested sludge after digestion, higher recovery rates can be achieved and thus the criteria of the new regulation are met. The AirPrex® process is part of the ERDF funding project at STP Göppingen.

CNP is thankful to the City Sewerage Göppingen for the trust. We see in this order a confirmation of our reputation as a P-expert and an incentive for further developments.