Construction and operation of phosphorus recovery in the wastewater treatment plant of the city of Pirmasens

CNP CYCLES receives an order from the city of Pirmasens

The wastewater treatment plant owned by the city of Pirmasens will build a phosphorus recovery system on the grounds of the Felsalbe wastewater treatment plant.

The overall process for the optimization of phosphorus recovery was developed at the Testing and Research Institute Pirmasens and consists of the special extraction of Bio-P in the aeration basin of the treatment plant Felsalbe and Blümeltal and the subsequent treatment of the excess sludge in a multi-stage process.

This process represents a new combination of thermal pressure hydrolysis and MAP crystallization and includes the following steps:

After a high load digestion of the excess sludge, the organics are further digested in the thermal pressure hydrolysis. This is followed by a pH adjustment in the pH conditioning tank to the value necessary for the MAP crystallization. As a next step, the prepared sludge goes through the crystallization reactor developed and optimized by CNP CYCLES. Here the MAP crystallizes through the addition of magnesium chloride and it is afterwards separated. The remaining thin sludge is then processed within post-digestion in the digester.

CNP CYCLES is thankful to the city of Pirmasens for the given opportunity and trust in our company.