The wastewater treatment plant of the future

AirPrex® article in final report of BMBF’s project E-Klär

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The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has initiated the funding measure „Sustainable technologies and concepts for energy-efficient and resource-efficient water management – ERWAS“, in order to promote sustainable water supply and sanitation development.

Under this framework and after 3.5 years of research work, the BMBF project E-Klär „Development and Integration of Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technologies for the Transformation Process Towards Technical Turnaround“ is now completed.

Planning and development of the wastewater treatment plant of the future should be based on the strategies for reduction of the overall energy consumption, as well as the optimal use of the energy and resources contained in the wastewater. These strategies were the objective of the E-Klär project.

The results include proven, innovative process technologies that will enable innovative approaches for integrated material flow management for the entire treatment plant.

One of the technologies mentioned in the project final report is CNP’s patented process for Phosphorus recovery – AirPrex®. You may find the AirPrex® chapter (in German) under the following link:


Everding, W.; Montag, D. (2018): Modulbeschreibungen – Phosphorrückgewinnung – AirPrex®. IN: Palmowski, L.; Pinnekamp, J. (Hrsg.) (2018): Entwicklung und Integration innovativer Kläranlagentechnologien für den Transformationsprozess in Richtung Technikwende – E-Klär. Abschlussbericht zum gleichnamigen Forschungsprojekt, gefördert im Rahmen der BMBF- Fördermaßnahme „Zukunftsfähige Technologien und Konzepte für eine energieeffiziente und ressourcenschonende Wasserwirtschaft – ERWAS“.