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Norevo Produktion GmbH

Reconstruction of the WWTP

Scope of delivery:
– Fine screening
– cont. activated sludge process
– Flotation

Throughput: 80 m³/d
Commissioning: 2017

Meat Processing Plant

Design for the permission
of the new sewage plant

Scope of planning:
– Fine screening
– Biological treatment
– Flotation
– Sludge thickening

Throughput: 40 m³/h

Südzucker AG

Sugar Mill Brottewitz

Supply of a degasser
in the inlet of the lime separator

Commissioning: 2019

Südzucker AG

Sugar Mill Plattling

Anaerobic wastewater treatment
for the treatment of beet washing water
conversion of 95% of the org. load
into biogas.

Capacity: 45 t/d COD
Commissioning: 2020 expected