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Smart Water Cycle

Setting new standards in resource efficiency

In many fast-growing cities local water resources are insufficient to supply the population with clean drinking water. Due to insufficient or non-existing treatment facilities for wastewater and waste, the quality of life as well as the environment is at risk.

Smarter Water Cycle is a future-oriented and resource-conserving approach, which enables us to meet these extensive challenges comprehensively. It is a modularised infrastructure concept, based on a separation of water flows with innovative collection systems. It is a smarter alternative to conventional centralized and inflexible systems. It bundles the sectors of water management with bio waste management and clean energy into an integrated technological solution.

The Vision 2050: Water for a Sustainable World UN World Water Development Report (WWDR 2015): Water is duly valued in all its forms, with wastewater treated as a resource that avails energy, nutrients and freshwater for reuse. Integrated approaches to water resources development, management and use − and to human rights − are the norm.

The Challenge


  • Cities
  • Settlements
  • Hotels

Process Technologies

  • Integrated water, waste and energy management


  • Potential for 30-50% reduction in water demand
  • Energy conservation to energy self-sufficiency
  • Greatly reduced transport demand
  • Substantial planning and capital cost security