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helfende Hände

Lifecycles Services

Our service philosophy

As part of our Lifecycle Services, we offer you expertise and comprehensive services for efficient, safe and sustainable operation of your plant. For a lifetime. 

With our services, you save steps, storage, working time and thus costs.

CNP CYCLES also provides operators with operational support to optimize plant operations.


Has grass already grown over your plant?

Altes Bild Klärgas

Condensate?  We don't have any."

"More power?   Our CHP is running, after all."

"Sometimes our digestor just foams - all the way into the gas room."

"We have enough gas."

"I don't know what the inside of my coarse filter looks like."

If one or more of these statements sound familiar, then we are the right partner for you.

Contact us:


Phone: +49 6188 9927 616

Good reasons for a regular check:

  • We increase plant availability and operational reliability.
  • At the same time, we reduce your operating costs by more than 10% - guaranteed.
  • Knowledge and application of the currently valid laws and regulations
  • Documentation up to date
  • Logged safety by us as a specialist company
  • Immediate replacement of defective or no longer approved plant components and fittings
  • Identification of potentials for process- or machine-technical optimization

Operational support


With our operational support, we offer you a valuable service for active participation in the optimization of plant operation.

After commissioning, the plant or the process is initially well adjusted, but in the further course it requires further, sometimes more intensive support, which often cannot be provided by the local operating personnel for various reasons. This may be due, for example, to a lack of experience with the new system or to staffing levels that are too thin.