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CNP CYCLES - the company

In 2011 CNP CYCLES was founded under the former name CNP-Technology Water and Biosolids. The basis for the company name and business base were the chemical elements Carbon (C), nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), which are important in water and sludge treatment. In the beginning, the focus was on the exploitation of patents. In 2014, the company was transformed into a solution provider in phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge.

Over time, the team's ideas became patented or patent-pending processes around phosphorus recovery. With our numerous AirPrex® installations, we are the market leader in Germany. Our patented LysoPhos® process can comply even more efficiently with the AbfKlärV 2017 and continues to ensure municipalities the free choice of the most cost-effective and sustainable sewage sludge disposal through sewage plant-integrated phosphorus recovery.

In 2017, we were able to attract a team of experienced engineers, securing extensive expertise in municipal and industrial drinking water, wastewater and sludge treatment.

In addition, with our license partners of PONDUS® Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, DiMeR GmbH and NEWport GmbH, we offer various processes to increase efficiency and optimize energy at wastewater treatment plants with the sustainability goal of conserving and recovering limited resources.

The guiding principle for innovations and the meaning of the company name is the closing of cycles in the water sector. Together with the expertise and many years of experience of our team in the fields of process engineering and project management, the energy cycle, nutrient cycle, water cycle and smart water cycle thus form the basis for our innovative processes and the four pillars of our success. So it was only logical to implement this also in our logo and company name. Its four colored circles symbolize these pillars or our fields of activity.

Energy Cycle

The operation of wastewater treatment plants causes high energy consumption and disposal costs. With proven and innovative technologies, we enable a significant reduction in energy use and a reduction in residues as defined by the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act.

Our portfolio around the topic of energy


Nutrient Cycle

We have a dominant position in the European market. Especially in Germany, where a new regulation stipulates that phosphorus, as an essential nutrient, must be recovered from sewage sludge. The world's phosphorus reserves are finite, so recovery has enormous growth potential worldwide and especially in Germany.

Our portfolio around the topic of nutrients


Water Cycle

Clean water is essential for health and hygiene and at the core of development and prosperity. Today, wastewater as a resource is subject to a paradigm shift in the economy - from disposal to recycling. With this guiding principle, we offer partnerships for WATERING LIFE on the market.

Our portfolio around the topic of water treatment

ECoFlocX Potable Water Treatment

Smart Water Cycle

We offer industry and municipalities holistic solutions for the treatment of wastewater and water.
We develop sustainable solutions for water treatment and the treatment of industrial water, recirculated water, cooling water and wastewater. For this purpose, we use processes developed and patented by us for biological and membrane water treatment.

Our portfolio around the topic of Smart Water Cycle